More Beck - Page Lineup Photos
3 photos by Eddie Rocco
2 photos courtesy of The Yardbirds Official Website
Jeff Beck leaves....
Paul Samwell-Smith leaves, Jimmy Page joins and Chris Dreja switches to bass. There is also a change in managers, with Simon Napier-Bell replacing Giorgio Gomelsky.      
Hits during this creative period:     
Over, Under, Sideways, Down and     
Happenings Ten Years Time Ago     
The Beck-Page lineup Yardbirds also make an appearance in Blow Up, a film by Michaelangelo Antonioni, doing a reworked version of "Train Kept A-Rollin" entitled "Stroll On".     
Jeff Beck became increasingly unstable during this time, so he was fired after he left during the middle of an American tour. After a brief rest, Beck started his own band,  the Jeff Beck Group, with singer Rod Stewart.     
Jimmy Page was now the sole lead guitarist...