Afterward - Page 2
Armageddon - 1974
Keith Relf, Louis Cennamo,  Martin Caldwell, Bobby Pugh
Illusion - 1976
After the death of Keith Relf in 1976, Jim McCarty, Jane Relf, Louis Cennamo and John Hawken formed Illusion with John Knightsbridge and Eddie McNeill.
Box of Frogs - 1983
The Frogs recorded 2 LPs and scored a hit with "Back Where I Started". Among the guests on their 2 LPs were Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page........
Jim McCarty, Paul Samwell-Smith, Chris Dreja, John Fiddler
photo by Chris Dreja
The British Invasion All-Stars - 1993
The late Noel Redding, Don Craine, Jim McCarty, Eddie Phillips and Keith Grant. Noel played with Jimi Hendrix, Keith and Don are with Downliners Sect, and Eddie Phillips was guitarist for  Creation. RIP, Noel.............With the addition of Ray Phillips of the Nashville Teens, the All Stars were also known as the Yardbirds Experience.
Jim McCarty and Louis Cennamo play New Age music.  Pilgrim was the name of another of Jim's solo projects....
Jim also made a solo recording called Out of the Dark
Jim recently joined Canned Heat's Richard Hite for a project entitled Weekend in Memphis, and the Jim McCarty Band have a fine CD called Outside Woman Blues, both of which you can order from Mooreland Street Records
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